Implant Supported Dentures in Atlanta

Patient with Implant Supported Denture
Dentures are a time-honored solution to the serious problem of severe tooth loss. Not only do they restore the beauty of your smile but, modern alternatives to tooth loss such as implant supported dentures can transform the quality of life for patients with missing teeth. Dentures als
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Cosmetic Dentist in Atlanta Discusses Smiling

The Psychological and Social Benefits of a Beautiful Smiles
Smiling: Your Secret Strategy for Success In our last post, we examined the goal of Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. David Zelby and the  emerging research that clearly links smiling with emotional health, stress relief, and general well-being. In addition to lowered blood pressure, improved imm
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Teeth in a Day: Innovation in Teeth Replacement

Living a life without teeth is no picnic. People who have no remaining natural teeth generally experience a more reduced quality of life than their counterparts. Experts believe this results from a restrictive diet of softer foods that do not provide enough nutrients and lower self-es
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What Happens If Dental Implants Aren’t Right For Me?

Are Dental Implants the Answer? Modern dental implants have been around for just over 40 years. Within the last 20 years, dental implant technology has advanced, due mostly to the introduction of innovative imaging and planning tools and biocompatible materials such as medical-grade t
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Dental Implants – Today’s Options for Tooth Loss Would Leave George Washington Biting into an Apple!

Dentures are Becoming an Artifact of History… and pleasantly so for denture wearers Many suffers of tooth loss are left with the complicated decision of which option to choose, dental implants or the more common and least expensive option of dentures.  For those who are missing
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Natural Smile by Design™ – Two Step Dental Implant Procedure

Natural Smile By Design™    A unique 3-Visit dental veneer procedure designed for natural results. At Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta, we have one goal for all of our patients, a natural smile.  For long-term, lifelike restoration of damaged, cracked, chipped, misaligned
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