Sedation Dentistry

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Informative Sedation News

"I've dreaded the dentist for years and when I was told I needed a crown I was very apprehensive. Sedation Dentistry was the answer and I was amazed by my experience."

Dental Anxiety?   You’ve Come to the Right Place!

If your dental procedure requires time or advanced treatment, Dr. David Zelby is a licensed conscious sedation doctor.  If you are anxious about your procedure a careful discussion with the doctor discussing your fears and concerns may indicate that you would benefit from sedation dentistry, an oral sedation procedure.  We’ll let you dream all through your dental procedure.  You’ll awake and feel like you’ve experienced a “walk in the park.”  Talk to us today about today’s modern sedation options.  There’s no reason to delay treatment because you fear your dental procedure.

Sedation Dentistry Provides a Path Free From Fear

Thousands of dentists have chosen to be specially trained in including the doctors at Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta, to relax their patients creating a safe and comfortable dental experience. These doctors understand that for far too many people dental fear and anxiety complicate access to essential treatment. Called sedation dentists, these skilled practitioners use commonly prescribed sedation medications to calm people. These sedatives have been in use for many years and been subjected to rigorous study. Doctors understand a great deal about how they work and interact with other medications. Usually administered by mouth, the medication leaves people fully alert and able to respond to questions. (That’s why the process is called conscious sedation.) Our experience with Sedation Dentistry has influenced our doctors to be strong advocates of this procedure.  Dr. David Zelby explains that all of his patients who have chosen to use Sedation Dentistry have overwhelmingly had a positive experience and would recommend it to their friends and family who have delayed dental treatment because of fear.  Our staff who assist during the procedure are all certified and trained to assist during sedation procedures.  You will be monitored continually and are never left alone.  If you would like more information on sedation dentistry our treatment care coordinators will be happy to discuss and explain all the details and instructions.  We even have a CD, “Like a Walk in the Park,” available for you to fully understand and make a wise decision in determining if Sedation Dentistry is right for you.