Root Canal Therapy

Root Canals - Endodontics

Many people cringe at the term "root canal", especially if they are being told they have to get one. And while root canals don't top the list of "fun things to do", they aren't as bad as everyone thinks. Throughout the years, there have been many myths and misconceptions surrounding root canals. The following are some of the most common.


1. Modern Anesthesia Makes Root Canal Therapy a Comfortable Experience

When most people think of a root canal, they automatically associate it with extreme pain. However, this is not the case. Because root canals are used to treat irreversible and often very painful conditions or infections, many people believe that the actual root canal procedure will be painful as well. But anyone who has had a root canal will admit that the actual procedure does not add any pain to your teeth. In fact, it is usually successful in relieving pain almost instantly. So if you are feeling pain before, during, or after a root canal procedure, the pain is caused from your infection, not from the actual procedure.

2. Treatment Usually Completed in One to Two Appointments

Root canal therapy can be completed in one or two appointments. The number of necessary visits is determined by the extent of the infection or condition, how difficult the procedure will be based on the type of infection, and whether or not you are referred to see a root canal specialist.

3. Root Canal Treatment Does Not Cause Further Health Problems

Some people believe that bacteria can develop because of a root canal and cause other serious health problems or other illnesses. Research has recently been done to try to prove this, and there has been no evidence found that a root canal causes any other type of illness. Bacteria are common in the mouth, as well as all over the body, all the time. Everyone is at risk of illness due to different types of bacteria, but none caused directly from a root canal procedure.

4.  Root Canals Preserve Your Tooth

Many people think just having a tooth pulled and an artificial tooth put it is a good alternative to a root canal. Though this may seem like an easy option, it is highly important that your try to keep your real teeth in and healthy if you can. Having an artificial tooth can sometimes limit the types of food you can eat, and is usually a very costly procedure. Most root canal-treated teeth last a lifetime, and the procedure is very standard. They allow patients to have full use of their teeth and maintain a healthy, natural looking smile.