Our Dental Team

Meet Our Caring and Compassionate Dental Team

You may find Megan's bright smile at our front desk or in one of our dental hygiene rooms making sure her patients are comfortable and experiencing a fabulous dental cleaning. Megan brings six years of dental experience with her resume, receiving her Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene from Darton College in 2009. She worked in a dental office as a dental assistant prior to receiving her degree, making her well versed in patient care. Her goal is to make sure you leave our office with not only a clean, bright smile but with a great dental experience. Megan's patients actually look forward to their cleaning appointments. Moving to Atlanta from Bainbridge, Georgia she shares her warm southern nature with all of our patients.

Meet Sandra Velasco, who hails from the beautiful country of Colombia. We know her as a Certified Dental Assistant but, in Columbia, Sandra is known as Dr. Velasco, having completed her degree as a dentist at Colegio Odontologica Colombiano. Sandra moved to the U.S. in 2004 and received her training as a Certified Dental Assistant with Expanded Duties in both Georgia and Florida. She joined our practice in 2012 after spending several years as a dental assistant for a large cosmetic dental practice in Miami, Florida. We appreciate her in-depth knowledge of dental technology and as we have incorporated new state-of-the-art equipment into the practice Sandra has become our dedicated "Training Chief." She is very popular with all of our patients and staff and brings a passion for people and a love of dentistry to all of her patients. Dr. Zelby continues to be amazed at the quality of work and dedication she brings to our office. In September of 2013, Sandra became mother to a beautiful baby girl, Amberlynn.

Meet Teri Githina. Teri comes to us all the way from Kenya! She moved to the United States in 2001. With a love of dentistry and a passion for helping people, Teri chose the field of dental hygiene and was accepted into the Hygiene School at Herzing-Lakeland Community College located in Crystal, Minnesota. After receiving her degree in 2008, she decided that Minnesota was way too cold and she moved with her family to Atlanta! After arriving, Teri met the love her life, Raphael. Shortly after, Teri chose to join our Dental Hygiene Team at Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta and became a vital member of our team. In 2013, we were all thrilled to hear about their beautiful wedding in her homeland of Kenya, and in the summer of 2015, Teri gave birth to a son, Avery Githina Price. Teri's gentle methods put even the most apprehensive patients at ease. If you want to know what her patients think about their dental hygiene appointments just hop on over to our Patient Review page and read what they share. Many comment that Teri is the most gentle and thorough hygienist they have ever experienced.

The first person you greet when entering our office should always be the one with the biggest smile. Treatment Coordinator, appointment scheduling, bookkeeping, and marketing are all in her job description. A real "people person," Susan brings enthusiasm and encouragement to all of our patients. An Art History major at the University of Tennessee, Susan moved to Atlanta in 2006 and began a career working with people. Whether snowboarding, wakeboarding or car racing, her extracurricular activities are a topic of interest with all of our patients. Her experience in customer service and her many interests all contribute to making her a star with patients and competent in making sure your visit goes as desired. When you arrive, Susan checks to make sure you're comfortable, all of your records are up-to-date, and you are seen by the doctor as quickly and timely as possible.

Anyone who visits our office knows that we're sticklers for cleanliness! The office prides itself on being above OSHA standards. In 2010, when we built our new office, one of the paramount improvements was to incorporate a top-notch laboratory and sterilization department. We had the latest sterilization technology available for dental laboratories, but the one thing missing was a real clinician experienced in lab procedures, codes, and sterilization. When Zach joined the team in 2011, we knew we had found that person! Receiving a B.S. in Biology from Georgia Tech, Zach Hersey joined our dental team immediately upon graduation. Zach plans to continue his career in the field of dentistry but presently, all of our patients enjoy his expertise and knowledge. You can be assured, when you're at our office, you will find that it is not only clean, modern, and minimal, but all the things you "can't see," have been properly sterilized and prepared according to OSHA standards.