Teeth Whitening: Keeping your teeth super white!

Actual Patient showing teeth before teeth whitening and after teeth whitening at Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta

Teeth whitening has become the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure offered. Teeth whitening treatments performed in your dentist’s office present almost instant gratification.  A comfortable hour in your dentist chair and years of stain and yellowing vanish.  Everyone enjoys the rejuvenating effects of a bright, white smile.  The procedure is quick and effective and most patients are amazed at the results.  A common question after treatment is, “how long does it last?”  The answer is, “with a few steps and maintenance on your part, forever.”

The first 48 hours after you’re whitening treatment is crucial.  This is the time when your teeth more readily absorb stains from foods and drinks.  It is essential that you limit dark-colored liquids and foods such as cherries, beets, tea, coffee, colas and red wine.  If drinking dark-colored foods and liquids cannot be avoided, brushing or swishing with water after you eat will help reduce any staining and absorption that occurs.

Keeping teeth looking white means proper brushing at home.  Studies have shown that using an electric toothbrush removes more stain than a manual toothbrush.  Using whitening toothpaste and an electric toothbrush will optimize your teeth whitening results and prevent yellowing.  It is very important to keep your mouth clean and plaque free by brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily.

Professional dental cleanings at your dentist office will prevent buildup of plaque and stains.  The American Dental Association recommends that your teeth be professionally cleaned by your dental hygienist every three months.  Schedule your appointments in advance and make those appointments a part of your regular health and beauty regimen.  Not only do visits every three months keep your teeth and gums healthy, it actually makes your hygiene visits simpler and quick as plaque hasn’t been allowed to accumulate.  Everyone loves how smooth your teeth feel after a polish by your dental hygienist.

Smoking is bad for your health, a statement we all have heard many times.  But, did you know smoking has negative effects on your teeth and gums?  Not only does smoking cause unsightly stains and yellowing of teeth that is very difficult to remove, it causes oral cancer and gum disease.  If you  really want to get the full effect of your teeth whitening treatments, then refraining from smoking or oral tobaccos area a must.

Most dental offices provide bleaching trays at the time of your whitening procedure.  Use your bleaching trays at home to keep up your current level of whitening.  A quick and easy routine is to place the trays in your mouth when you wake-up and continue through your morning routine, an hour later remove your trays.  Depending on the level of whitening your dentist recommends, most patients can maintain their ideal shade of white with weekly home bleaching.

With a little care you will enjoy the benefits of your teeth whitening procedure for several years and perhaps longer.  It’s simple, brush regularly, see your dentist at least every six months, use your bleaching trays, refrain from smoking, and stay away from foods and drinks that cause staining.  Not only essential facts for maintaining the effects of your in-office whitening treatment but, your overall oral health, as well.