Dental Finance Options

We Believe That Dental Health Should Be Affordable

We welcome your questions and we encourage you to voice any concerns you may have regarding your treatment plan and finance plans. We want to build relationship of trust in order for you to feel confident in your decision to begin your dental treatment. We know it's a big decision.... and we want you to know that we'll be there every step of the way.

Dental Financing


Care Credit Patient Financing

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We’re proud to offer two exceptional finance programs for our patients. Our treatment care is focused with your dental costs being kept affordable. With convenient payment options the cost of dental treatment is only steps away. CareCredit offers no interest if paid in full within 6 or 12 months payment options. Minimum monthly payments are required and you may pay off purchase before end of promotional period.  Care Credit is designed for one very important thing:  helping you manage your family’s healthcare expenses.  Getting started is easy.  Applying only takes a few minutes and you’ll a decision almost immediately.  More than four million households are currently using Care Credit and more than 6,000 families are getting approved every day. For more information check out their websites online and find the plan that works for you. We will be happy to help you with your application or answer any questions. Let our treatment care coordinators assist you in financing the dental care you need.




Important Facts For Our Patients

  • Do we accept insurance?

    Yes, we are eager to help you receive your maximum allowable benefits. In order to achieve these goals, we need your assistance and understanding of our payment policy regarding insurance. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. Although we will do everything we can to maximize your benefits, ultimately you are responsible for any balance that your insurance will not pay. Please be aware that not all services are a covered insurance benefits. Every dental insurance policy varies and some companies arbitrarily select certain services that they will not cover. As dental health providers, we must emphasize that our relationship is with you, not with your insurance provider. Consequently, all charges are your responsibility from the date the services are rendered.
  • Payment

    Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.
  • Professional Fees

    All fees are based on the preschedule and usual time needed to perform each procedure and on the materials needed to do such. All case fees will be quoted in writing in the Treatment Plan and will be honored for a period of three (3) months from the date presented. Additional time and materials resulting from circumstances beyond our control (or you delaying your treatment) may necessitate changes to your fees. We are pleased to discuss our professional fees with you at any time.
  • Missed Appointments

    Our policy is to charge for a missed appointment unless cancelled at least 24 business hours in advance. You will be charged $50 for the first missed appointment and 75% of the charges of the appointment for any subsequent missed appointments. When your appointment is scheduled, not only do we block off the doctors time, we also have two assistants scheduled and our laboratory. Please respect the time the doctor has reserved for you.

Dental Insurance Facts

  • Is dental insurance like medical insurance?

    Unlike medical insurance, dental insurance does not cover the total cost of your dental treatment. It is meant to be an "aid."
  • What will my plan pay?

    Many plans will tell you that they will be covered "up to 80%". It is our experience that most dental plans cover 40% to 50% of an average fee, regardless of what you have been told. We do our very best to calculate what your insurance will pay but, this is only an estimate and ultimately your insurance company is responsible for their share.
  • Why does my insurance say....

    It has been the experience of many dental offices that some insurance companies tell their customers that "fees are above the usual and customary rate." rather than saying, "our benefits are low."
  • Every plan is different...

    Each plan utilized in our office has different percentages, deductibles, maximums, procedures covered and varying fees that the plan will allow. We will do our very best to calculate as closely as possible what your insurance plan will cover. However, as we cannot estimate precisely, there may be variances for which the patient is individually responsible.