Dentures in Atlanta

Dentures in Atlanta

Atlanta Dentist Presents Your Guide to Dentures

Most of us cringe when we think about wearing dentures. But, Dentures in Atlanta custom made by Dr. David Zelby are unique.  We imagine dentures floating ominously in a glass of water on our grandma’s nightstand or we think about that one uncle who used to scare the little kids at the family Christmas party by popping out his bottom denture. In reality, dentures provide a very conservative, highly realistic option for replacing missing teeth. Dr. David Zelby, your Atlanta dentist and trained prosthodontist, has extensive experience fitting and placing dentures and will guide you through the basics of this commonplace dental prosthetic.

Problems Associated with Missing Teeth

Studies have shown that edentulous Americans, those people living without any of their natural teeth, have a reduced life expectancy. This is due to several factors:

  • People without teeth eat an extremely limited diet. This general state of poor nutrition leads to a number of health issues that significantly impact a person’s overall health.
  • People without teeth tend to have a poor self-image, which can lead to mental health problems such as depression. Depression has been positively linked to reduced life expectancy.
  • People without teeth, on average, lead a less social life. This lack of social interaction also leads to a reduction in quality and extent of life.

How Dentures Improve Quality of Life

By replacing missing teeth, dentures help to ameliorate many of the problems encountered by edentulous people. With dentures, people can:

  • With practice, become accustomed to eating a more varied diet that includes different textures. By improving their nutritional intake, denture-wearers generally experience improved overall health.
  • See an immediate improvement in their appearance. Dentures restore the underlying structure of the cheeks and lips and can make a person look instantly younger and in better health.
  • Enjoy a more active social life. When a person feels confident smiling, laughing, speaking, and eating in public, they are more likely to seek out social gatherings. An active social life can greatly increase a person’s life expectancy.

Different Denture Options

Dentures come in several varieties to meet number of different needs. For instance, a removable partial dentures can offer a great solution for a person who is missing two or three teeth in a row. The partial removable denture fits along the dental arch like a puzzle piece and can also help maintain healthy spacing of the remaining teeth. A fixed partial denture performs a similar function, but is permanently affixed to the neighboring teeth. A removable full denture stays in place using suction and a denture adhesive and offers the most commonplace option for replacing a full arch of missing teeth. One of the most recent advancements in tooth replacement, the implant-secured denture uses dental implants, tiny titanium posts that an oral surgeon inserts into the jaw, to hold a denture in place. Implant-secured dentures offer the most stable, secure, reliable, and long-lasting dentures option.

A Range of Dentures with Your Atlanta Dentist

To learn more about your denture options, call Dr. David Zelby at (770) 955-0550. Dr. Zelby and the expert team at Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta provide a wide range of restorative and cosmetic dentistry services to help you achieve the best smile of your life. Our Atlanta dentist office proudly serves patients in Marietta, Smyrna, East Cobb, Buckhead, Vinings, and Metro Atlanta.


Dr. David Zelby is a prosthodontist in Atlanta, Georgia. As a specialist in dentistry and founder of Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry of Atlanta, he focuses on comprehensive general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, fixed and removable partials, dentures and TMJ therapy. Dr. Zelby is a former professor of dentistry at Emory University School Of Dentistry and a clinical professor of dentistry at Georgia Health Sciences University College of Dental Medicine. A practicing dentist in Atlanta, Dr. Zelby has brought smiles to thousands of Atlantans for over thirty years.