Single Tooth Replacement

Single Tooth Replacement

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Single Tooth Replacement

Dental Implant for a single tooth .


One of the greatest benefits of using dental implants for single tooth replacement is the ability to avoid grinding down healthy teeth adjacent to the missing one (something that is necessary when placing a fixed traditional bridge.)

Instead, a single prosthetic tooth root (implant) is placed directly into your jaw, to function as an independent tooth.

Benefits of Single Dental Implants

In most cases, the function, feel, and appearance of your single implant will not be that much different than the rest of your teeth. With an implant:

  • It’s easy to brush, floss, and care for your new tooth
  • You can enhance the health and quality of bone in that area
  • We create a custom porcelain crown that looks and feels natural
  • You preserve the health of your adjacent teeth
  • Spacing is maintained, as other teeth do not drift out of place

Characteristics of Single Implant Teeth

The design of your dental implant restoration will depend on the number of teeth that are missing. When replacing a single tooth, the implant itself consists of three separate parts:

1.  Implant Root

The “root” of your new tooth is the actual implant, itself. Made of titanium, these biocompatible prosthetic tooth roots are placed directly into the bone. As a result, the titanium triggers a process called osseointegration, which means new bone grows around, and fuses with, the implant itself. Once osseointegration has occurred, the implant is fused into place like a natural tooth. This process typically takes a few months to achieve before our implant specialists place a restoration on top of the new tooth.

2.  The Implant Abutment

About three months later, the top of the implant is uncovered and a small abutment is fitted into it. The abutment will provide the housing that supports a fixed restoration, such as the crown, bridge, or denture. In this case, we use a crown, because only one tooth is missing.

3.  Porcelain Implant Crown

Finally, a custom designed crown is created for your missing tooth, and is bonded directly on top of your implant abutment. Your new crown is made of quality porcelain materials that withstand everyday use, yet reflect maximum aesthetics. As you smile, talk, or laugh, your crown should be completely indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth.

Ensuring a Successful Implant Placement

At Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry of Atlanta, our prosthodontist Dr. Audrea Eady (of Tufts University) and implant expert Dr. David Zelby (of the New York University School of Dentistry) work hand in hand with Atlanta Oral Surgeon, Dr. Steve Bankston to precisely place and restore each and every implant using the most advanced techniques and support therapies available.

Even if you’ve been told in the past that you were not a candidate for dental implants, we invite you to call our Atlanta dental implant specialists for a 2nd opinion. Thanks to 3D CT imaging and PRFG (plasma rich in growth factors) options, we’re making single tooth dental implants an option for more people than ever before.

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