Dental Implants Complications

Dental Implants

Atlanta Dentist Discusses Dental Implants Complications

All dental implant patients experience that wonderful moment when the crown or denture is in place and they look at their beautiful, rejuvenated smile for the first time. It’s a lovely moment, one filled with the promise of speaking normally, enjoying regular foods, and smiling with confidence. Unfortunately, a small percentage of people do experience dental implants complications.  While certainly disappointing, problems with dental implants can be addressed by an implant dentist or prosthodontist. Dr. David Zelby, an Atlanta prosthodontist who specializes in dental implants, discusses a few of the more common dental implant complications and how they can be addressed.

Dental Implants Complication 1: Loosened Implants

While dental implants enjoy an average success rate of around 95%, the other 5% deal with failed implants. The most common symptom of dental implant failure is loosened implants. Loosened implants are most often caused by failure of the implant to properly integrate with the surrounding bone. Improper osseointegration can occur for a number of reasons such as an infection at the implant site, compromised blood flow to the site, or too much pressure placed on the implant before it’s healed. In most cases, removal of the loosened implant, a bone graft, and replacing the implant can adequately address the problem.

Dental Implants Complication 2: Loosened Prosthesis

A small number of dental implant patients experience a loosening of the prosthesis, usually a crown, bridge, or denture. Generally caused by an improperly positioned implant, a loosened prosthesis can lead to a number of problems such as damage to the surrounding teeth and impaired function of the tooth. If you notice a dental prosthesis has become loose, you need to visit your dentist immediately so he can redesign, refabricate, and replace it. Too much pressure placed on unsupported areas of an implant-supported prosthesis can lead to the loosening of the implant.

Dental Implants Complication 3: Painful Implant

Some patients with new implants complain of pain or uncomfortable pressure around the implant site. While some tenderness and sensitivity can be expected for a few days after the procedure, several factors could lead to prolonged dental implant pain, including:

  • Chronic inflammation at the implant site.
  • The implant was positioned close to a nerve branch.
  • The body could be experiencing a severe reaction to the presence of a foreign body.

In these cases, most dentists will recommend removing the implant and attempting to perform the surgery again at a later date.

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