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Smiling faces of patients with beautiful white teeth.
Atlanta Dentist Answers: What is Natural Smile Design? Chances are you wouldn’t notice if a close friend or co-worker had high quality cosmetic and restorative dental work done. They would simply have a vibrant, healthy-looking smile. Chances are equally great that you would immediate
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Small Changes Can Create Big Improvements in Atlanta Smiles

We live in a “bigger is better” kind of society. Everything from our homes to our fast food combo meals are designed for size.  Even when it comes to self-improvement, the stakes seem high: why improve a few smaller things when you can just overhaul the whole mess? As a result of this
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Natural Smile by Design™ – Two Step Dental Implant Procedure

Natural Smile By Design™    A unique 3-Visit dental veneer procedure designed for natural results. At Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta, we have one goal for all of our patients, a natural smile.  For long-term, lifelike restoration of damaged, cracked, chipped, misaligned
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Just Why Do You See A Prosthodontist?

Not quite so sure that a prosthodontist should be your next dentist?  Watch our video and find our why a prosthodontist may be the right dentist for you.   We could tell you a million reasons why we think a prosthodontist should be your next dentist but, we thought we’d let
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Teeth that are TOO PERFECT?

We’ve noticed…… a lot of dentist are giving their patients, “those way too white, too perfect teeth.”  We believe that your dental enhancements should look, “natural.”  Our patients seek individuality in their smile enhancements.  Every person
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