Atlanta Prosthodontist – Discusses Removable Dentures

Patients with Removable Dentures or Implant Supported Dentures

As a prosthodontist in Atlanta, Dr. David Zelby is well-versed in the importance and various methods of tooth replacement. While dental implants are typically the preferred method of restoring your smile’s function and foundation, not all patients are eligible for the surgical procedure, and removable prosthodontics, like dentures, may be their only choice. Luckily, that’s not such a bad thing. With advanced materials and precise fabrication, today’s removable dentures are often indistinguishable from a natural, healthy smile, and the ability to remove them can provide a wealth of convenience when it comes to oral and dentures maintenance.

When Dental Implants Aren’t an Option

With the except for children whose still-developing jaw and facial structure prevent them from the procedure, dental implants are usually the tooth replacement choice for people of all ages. In some cases, however, such as those listed below, dental implants may not be an option:

  • Severe periodontitis (gum disease)
  • Severe jawbone deterioration/bone loss
  • Pre-existing medical conditions that can bar you from extensive dental procedures, like surgery
  • Smoking/chewing tobacco

Since dental implants are surgically inserted into your jawbone to support your replacement teeth and the pressures of everyday use, your gums and jawbone must be healthy and strong enough to support the implant. If you lack a sufficient amount of jawbone due to prolonged tooth loss, severe gum disease, dental trauma, or a congenital defect, then an implant may not be a viable option for your case. However, in certain cases, such as tobacco usage, quitting smoking and demonstrating a commitment to consistent at-home dental care may help you qualify for dental implants. Similarly, if you suffer from periodontal disease, addressing that issue through deep cleaning procedures in-office, demonstrated at-home care, and lifestyle modification could make dental implants a possibility.

Simpler Maintenance for Removable Dentures

With a basic design and concept that has lasted for perhaps thousands of years, removable dentures are still among the most effective methods of restoring your mouth’s ability to perform its necessary functions. With the added convenience of removability, traditional dentures can also make daily oral health care easier and more effective. By removing your denture appliance, you can more thoroughly clean the gums underneath of food debris and bacterial plaque, significantly reducing your chances of developing gum disease and halitosis (chronic bad breath). Advanced dental adhesives are highly effective at securing your dentures to your gums, helping to make sure that your dentures only come off when you want them to, and not when they’re in use.

Ask Your Atlanta Prosthodontist About Fixed and Removable Dentures

Typically, dentures are crafted from special dental porcelain that is tinted and layered to match your tooth color and natural light-reflecting abilities. With proper care and maintenance, your new smile will look as genuine as your original, healthy one for many years to come. To learn more about the convenience and advantages of removable dentures, schedule an appointment with your Atlanta prosthodontist by calling (770) 955-0550 today. Located in the 30339 area, Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry of Atlanta proudly serves patients from all of our surrounding communities.

Dr. David Zelby is a prosthodontist in Atlanta, Georgia. As a specialist in dentistry and founder of Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry of Atlanta, he focuses on comprehensive general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, fixed and removable partials, dentures and TMJ therapy. Dr. Zelby is a former professor of dentistry at Emory University School Of Dentistry and a clinical professor of dentistry at Georgia Health Sciences University College of Dental Medicine. A practicing dentist in Atlanta, Dr. Zelby has brought smiles to thousands of Atlantans for over thirty years.

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