This technique was developed to immediately replace a full arch of teeth without needing bone grafting. It is an alternative to removable dentures. As the name suggests, only four implant posts are needed to support the entire set of fixed teeth. For the sake of comparison, other more conventional methods typically take six to ten implants for fixed implant bridges. Not only is placing fewer implants more cost effective, it also doesn’t require bone grafting.

The procedure consists of two phases.

The first phase is the surgery of removing teeth, placing implants, and installing an acrylic implant bridge.  It constitutes about 2/3 of the cost. The second phase is 4-6 months later, once implant and gums are fully healed. In the second phase, a permanent implant bridge is fabricated to reflect changes in bone and gums. It can also incorporate desired changes in the appearance of the bridge done at surgery. This final bridge can be fabricated from 2 types of material. Fist type has acrylic teeth and titanium milled reinforcement for strength.  Approximately 70% of our patients select this prosthesis.  The second choice for the bridge is made out of zirconia frame with porcelain over it. The type of the prosthesis is more expensive.

To give you an estimate, I recommend patients schedule a consultation where we can provide with a detailed treatment plan spelling out all costs and steps.

Please keep in mind that a lot of places just quote you a fee for the first part (tooth removal, implant placement, and the temporary bridge placed at surgery) and leave out the need for the permanent bridge once bone and gums heal. That is why their price might look different in the beginning –

“always insist on a full treatment plan for the full course of the treatment”.

Our prices are very competitive not just for Atlanta but, nation-wide, especially considering the quality of our implants, materials, and top-notch dental lab.

Benefits of All-on-Four®

  • More cost-effective than full-set implants: fewer implants and only a single procedure
  • More comfortable and convenient than dentures
  • Minimally invasive
  • Fast – the procedure of extracting teeth, placing implants, and placing crowns done in a single visit
  • Greatly reduces the need for bone grafting
  • Natural looking
  • Long lasting (if cared for properly)